Tin Whiskers is a group of experienced musicians who play many of the Rock and Funk classics from the late 1960s through the 1970s (and a few from the '80s). We were previously together as a band in the '70s, and are once again "Rockin' the Delaware Valley" as hard as ever, playing the Classic Rock that you remember.




Please see the SCHEDULE page for the latest details on our upcoming appearances.

BOURBON AND BREWS - Jan. 27, 8pm to midnight. 2001 S. Delaware St., Paulsboro, NJ (the former Rocking Stone).

AJ'S TAVERN - Feb. 4, 8pm to midnight. 114 N. Broadway, Pennsville, NJ.

VALENTINE'S DAY DINNER/DANCE - Feb. 11, time and ticket price TBA. Starcross Firehouse, Franklinville, NJ.


Tin Whiskers is a little different from the average Classic Rock cover band. While we do play selected Top 40 hits from "back in the day," we also like to cover some more interesting material by artists like Pink Floyd, Supertramp and others. And while some cover bands manage to make every song they play sound the same, we actually try to sound as much as possible like the original artist -- although occasionally, we may go out on a limb and do something in our own unique style. Our main goal, though, is just to play good music, to play it right, and to keep the crowd on their feet!

We try to keep our material "family friendly" so you don't have to regret taking the kids along.

For a list of some of the artists we play, please see the ABOUT page.