Jim has entertained up and down the East Coast, from Florida to the Adirondack Mountains of NY state. From his early teens through late twenties, he played in bluesgrass and square dance groups with his father, a country-western/bluegrass multi-instrumentalist. This included weekly performances playing live background music for the Cowtown Rodeo as it was broadcast on network TV in the late '60s through the early '70s.

While playing bass drum in the high school band, Jim and a few friends formed Phantom Lake, playing rock & disco around the Delaware Valley until 1979. Jim continued to perform occasionally in various small groups and in 2004, he reunited with a few of the members of the erstwhile Phantom Lake to form Tin Whiskers, playing the classic rock that their generation grew up with.

Jim's primary axe is a Roland Jupiter-50. On rare occasions, he may break out his 1984 Roland JX-8P, 1980s Korg DW-8000 or mid-'70s MiniKorg.

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